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Born at the time of old Egypt , the ancestors of the architects created the bases of the Management of project by building the pyramids.

In the modern economy, the Management of project lived several periods.

In the past, the operational structures of the company contributed actively to the evolution and to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the company but during the Nineties, the pressure of the shareholders and a competition increasingly stronger reduced this contribution to nothing.

This phenomenon caused the emergence of the project like the genuine engine of the change allowing the realization of major evolutions and the durable development of the company.

In this new economic context, to have a process of Management of project and the best of Project Leaders constitute a strategic objective of the new company.

e-Business Solution
The basic concepts of Kamina Project Portofolio were born in 1994 in a Suisse multinational. Tested during several years in an exclusively data-processing environment, a new version was creating.

With the 1st release in 2004, Kamina Project Portfolio is built on modern technology allowing optimal mobility as well as the integration of all types of projects on the same view.

Kamina Project Portfolio, a solution :

Kamina Project Portfolio create an effective and professional communication between the Management of company and the teams of projects in order to ensure the monitoring of the strategic development of the organization.