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Technical Deployment


In order to assume a perfect integration of Kamina in your environment, we developed a complete concept of integration comprising several phases:

Simultaneously with the technical installation, the study of the current situation begins with for objective identifying the culture “project” of the organization as well as the strong points which it will be necessary to maintain with the implementation of Kamina Suite.

The definition of the parameters of the company is based on 3 principal axes:
1. The identification of the Development Roadmap Multiple types of projects are running in your organization and each type requires a specific roadmap with deliverables
2. The identification of the Project profiles To put in place the initial Security model, it’s necessary to identify the profiles and rules important in the Project realization
3. The personalization of the glossary All the texts, messages, title, error message,… are refined to paste to the Enterprise glossary After this 1st step, a pilot is generally proposed with 3 to 4 projects in order to test and improve the concepts of implementation within the company. These pilots will be used as a basis for the finalization of the training plan which will include different sessions with knowing:

Session Manager
Training dedicated to the Manager (middle and top management)

Session Project Manager
Full training plan on the Project Management functionalities, tool usage and various other aspect relevant for the Project Management area

Session Project Office / Administrator
This training session include the Project Office Manager and the System Administrato. During this training, all the functionalities will be visited, explained and tested using a set of exercises