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Pyramid of Services
Technical Deployment


The deployment of a tool such as Kamina Suite requires (very often) the implementation (or review) of new processes, the integration of new methodologies or some training for Project Manager, team members and Managers.

Using the following picture, KIM Organisation and the local Partners developed a set of high level services to help and assist your team in this deployment.

Our experience is shared between ourselves to increase permanently our performance. The knowledge transfer is mainly organised with the system administrator which will receive a full training in parallel with the initial installation.


Personalized methodology and deliverables compliant with the specific enterprise projects typology

Input provided from internal best practices and Market best practices like IPMA, PMI, Hermès...

  Develop competencies and knowledge of Project Managers in adequation with the enterprise culture and requirements

Training program based on specific approach of the Project Management activites and enterprise needs
Set of processes required for Project Office and Project Team Management integrated with other Operational processes like Finance Management, Human Resources, Legal...

Integration will take place at the tools level and process level

  Implementation of the suitable project management tools and project office management aids, such as performance indicators

Inclusion of these controls in a company's information process wards off redundancy and makes for better administrative management